I often get asked what is the ideal time to take our group Hypnobabies classes. Ideally, the 6 week class series should be finished by the 36th week of pregnancy, but there's really no such thing as taking the class "too early." I've had students register for class as soon as they got a positive pregnancy test! It just means they get more time to practice and enjoy the relaxing hypnosis tracks, which can make for a more comfortable pregnancy as well as birthing.

For those who register for Hypnobabies after July 21, 2016, our group class price will be increasing. We have three upcoming class series currently open for enrollment, perfect for babies due this fall or winter:

July 28 - September 1

September 8 - October 13

October 20 - December 1

With Hypnobabies, as soon as you register and submit the class deposit, you get to start enjoying some of the tracks right away while you wait for your class series to begin. Reserve your space now, and lock in your price before it increases!


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