Your partner should come to as many Hypnobabies classes as possible. We have special information, tracks, and roles just for them. Students who cannot bring their partner may bring another trusted family member, friend, or doula. Although it's perfectly possible to use the program successfully without a support person, it's best if at least one person who will be present during the birth be able to attend the classes so they know best how to support the birthing mother. (I will say that I've heard of the occasional mom who rocks out with Hypnobabies completely on her own, and that's great too!)

Don't Worry. Partners Love Hypnobabies.

Many partners feel understandably trepidatious about birth in general, and may be hesitant to make a decent investment into a childbirth education class. However, Hypnobabies proves to be invaluable to partners, and gives them solid, easy, reliable ways to assist the birthing mother. Even the most skeptical of birth partners are soon won over, often during the first class. In fact, partners usually end up being huge cheerleaders for Hypnobabies!

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Next week, look for a guest blog written by a formerly skeptical Hypnobabies dad!

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