For my friends across the country who don't know (because apparently national media isn't covering it), south ‪#‎Louisiana‬ is in trouble. Record flooding has displaced tens upon tens of thousands of our friends and neighbors. There are many thousands of folks in shelters, after having narrowly escaped with just the clothes on their backs. Some didn't have time to even put shoes on. Thousands of people were stranded on the interstate for more than a day without food or water, including a mother who resorted to drinking rain water in order to produce enough breastmilk for her newborn baby.

I know more people with water in their homes than people who stayed dry. Many of these didn't have flood insurance, because they weren't in an area that was at risk for flooding.

Hundreds of thousands of cars have been lost to flood waters. 90% of Denham Springs is under water. Schools are flooded and will be closed. Farmers have lost livestock and crops.

The good news is that the ‪#‎cajunnavy‬ didn't wait for authorities to come and help. All the Clements, Heberts, Boudreaxs, and Thibodeauxs who have boats were out rescuing people and animals. In some areas, authorities actually tried to stop these civilian heroes from helping, but they persevered and found a way.

The bad news is that recovery will take years and years. Looting has already begun, and it's a good time to be a bad guy in ‪#‎BatonRouge‬. We need manpower, supplies, finances. Some people lost their house, cars, and jobs overnight. It's unclear exactly what the economic impact will be, but it's not looking great.

If you can, consider donating needed supplies or money, or volunteering. Shelters need basics. Clean-up operations need volunteers and equipment. We need licensed contractors as soon as the water recedes. I'm sure there are other things I don't know about. If you are looking for a place to donate, check out Red Cross, local charities and churches, or consider giving to someone you know who has been directly affected. There are many.

This area is rich in culture and community, so I know we will recover. But we will need help.

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