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Exciting News about Hypnobabies Classes in Louisiana

Exciting News about Hypnobabies Classes in Louisiana

Hypnobabies classes are expanding!

Soon, Deep Waters Birth Services will be offering Hypnobabies classes in the New Orleans area. In order to be able to serve both Baton Rouge and New Orleans, we will be offering classes just once per quarter in each location. 

What does this mean for you?

If you are in the Baton Rouge area and expecting a baby with a due date of April 2017 or earlier, you will want to enroll in the December 2016 class series because the next class series will be too close to your due date. 

If you are in the New Orleans or Northshore area, you can travel to our Baton Rouge classes or request a private class in your home. We hope to have classes up and running in the New Orleans area for due dates of June 2017 and later.

Click here for more information about Hypnobabies classes, and join our newsletter below for updates!

FAQ Series Part 4: Can Hypnobabies Help me with Anxiety?

FAQ Series Part 4: Can Hypnobabies Help me with Anxiety?

I am often asked about how to deal with anxiety during pregnancy. Sometimes, the person has already been dealing with anxiety when she becomes pregnant, and is wondering how to manage it. Other times, the person has never really had anxiety, but it presents itself for the first time as perinatal anxiety (anxiety occurring during pregnancy or the first year postpartum). Even planned pregnancy is considered a stressful life event and can trigger negative emotions, especially when paired with other stressful life events like changing jobs, moving, remodeling, and changing lifestyle habits. (Or a flood.)

Some first-time moms are anxious about the unknowns of birth. They may wonder, "Will I get gestational diabetes? Will I tear while pushing? How can I avoid an episiotomy? Will I poop while I'm pushing? Will I have to be induced? How can I avoid a Cesarean?"

Mothers who have already experienced birth may have anxiety based on their past birth experiences, especially if they were particularly challenging or didn't go as planned. They might think, "That was too hard; I can't go through labor again." Or, "I'm scared that my birth will not turn out like I planned...again." Or even, "My first birth went so well, there's no way I'll be lucky enough to have another birth exactly the way I want." Sometimes mothers experience new anxieties and fears about birth that they didn't know they needed to process through until they become pregnant again.

One of the best-kept secrets about my Hypnobabies classes in Baton Rouge is that they teach lifelong skills that are applicable even after pregnancy. In Hypnobabies, you will learn SO many helpful tools for dealing with anxiety and fear about pregnancy and birth, including:

Joyful pregnancy affirmations

This is a unique and wonderful asset to your pregnancy. You can listen to this track throughout the day, as often as you like. It keeps you in a positive frame of mind and helps you to enjoy your pregnancy. You don't even have to "consciously" listen to it; you can play it in the background while you go about your day, and just watch how your anxieties melt away!


This practice is lauded by positive psychologists, neuroscientists, spiritual leaders, and yoga instructors as one of the most effective ways to change your thinking. In Hypnobabies, we learn how to apply the benefits of mindfulness to pregnancy and birthing. Mindfulness has been life-changing for many of my students!

Hypnosis practice for deep relaxation

The core of Hypnobabies is the hypnosis techniques. Practicing the hypnosis techniques is relaxing and extremely enjoyable. It helps students to fall into a restful sleep, and can help them get back to sleep after middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. It also includes many, many post-hypnotic suggestions for an easy and comfortable pregnancy and birth experience.

I'm not a mental health professional or therapist, but I have first-hand experience with anxiety, and I have taught a good number of Hypnobabies students who have anxiety, with amazing results! Of course, please speak with your doctor, midwife, or mental health care provider and seek further treatment if necessary.

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FAQ Series Part 3: Is Hypnosis Compatible with my Faith?





FAQ Series Part 3: Is Hypnosis Compatible with my Faith?

FAQ Series Part 3: Is Hypnosis Compatible with my Faith?

One of the main issues I had to work through when I began my journey to becoming a Hypnobabies instructor was whether or not my faith allowed for the use of hypnosis. I had been told all my life that hypnosis was an invitation for evil spirits to take over one's mind.

However, once I began to understand what hypnosis really is - and isn't - and I studied what the scriptures actually say about it, it became clear to me that hypnosis is a wonderful tool that works beautifully with my faith.

My personal faith encourages me to constantly purify my thoughts. Hypnosis is one way to do this intentionally. My faith also urges me to "fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise." (source). Again, I can do all of these intently and resolutely through self-hypnosis.

I find that most of the resistance to hypnosis stems from a misunderstanding of what hypnosis actually is. Hypnosis is NOT handing over control of one's mind to someone else. Hypnosis IS using a relaxed state of mind and body (such as what one experiences daily through activities like falling asleep, driving a car, praying, and watching television) to affect positive and purposeful change in one's belief system, leading to positive outcomes. 

Hypnosis is very similar to meditation, and most religions recognize and promote the practice of meditation - without reservation. If someone feels that their faith prohibits hypnosis, he or she should never watch tv, listen to the radio, read books, pray, daydream, or meditate, because these activities all induce an "altered" state of mind, which is actually measurable through EEG machines.

In Hypnobabies, we learn to recognize and release the negative beliefs we have about childbirth, then replace those beliefs with more positive ones. This leads to a more enjoyable pregnancy and birth, and has even been life-changing for some students! Contact me at or (225) 364-9180 if you have more questions about how Hypnobabies can work with your faith!

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