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Compassionate, knowledgeable, comfortable, professional doula care for your growing family in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and on the North Shore.

At Louisiana Baby Company, we are honored to serve you during this life-changing time. You will experience continuity of care like none other through our childbirth education classes during pregnancy, our assistance during birth, and our support services after the baby arrives.




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Birth Support

From the very first inkling that you might be in labor, through the most intense parts of your birth, to meeting your baby, we’ve got you! Our steady hands, sharp minds, and warm encouragement will have you feeling like royalty on your big day.

Postpartum Doula baton rouge new orleans

Postpartum Support

Have you ever wondered if there is a “fairy godmother” for new parents? There is, and it’s us! We take care of everything you need so you can focus on recovering and bonding with your baby. Bonus: our help doesn’t expire at midnight.


baby not sleeping through the night

Sleep Coaching

New parents are notoriously exhausted. Is your baby having a hard time sleeping, or sleeping great, but only in your arms? Let our sleep expert guide you and your baby(ies) to a peaceful night’s sleep and END sleep deprivation….forever!

birth photographer new orleans baton rouge


Grainy, out-of-focus birth photos taken by whomever is nearby are a thing of the past. Our professional photographers capture all those moments you don’t want to forget! We help you preserve the memories of one of the most important days of your life.


childbirth classes

Childbirth Classes

We have the only Hypnobabies classes in the state of Louisiana! This class focuses on the mind-body connection and teaches mental tools and techniques to help deal with the rhythm of birth while remaining calm, confident, and comfortable.

baton rouge in home lactation counseling

Lactation Counseling

After your baby is born, you may have lingering questions about feeding. “What if my baby isn’t getting enough? Will my nipples ever heal? Should I supplement with formula?” Our in-home lactation counseling brings you the answers you need, when you need them.