A Family is Born


Long gone are the days that friends and family can drop everything to support the new family when a child is born. Postpartum doulas utilize timeless wisdom alongside up-to-date information in order to bolster a family as they grow accustomed to the newest member of their troupe. Our postpartum doulas provide skillful assistance in:

  • Establishing breastfeeding

  • Creating systems that work for your family

  • Light meal preparation

  • Light housekeeping

  • Creating healthy sleep habits for your baby

  • Supporting whatever feeding method you choose

  • Reading your baby's cues

  • Ensuring rest for the parents' health and well-being

  • Recognizing normal recovery from vaginal and cesarean births

  • Recognizing signs of postpartum mood disorders

Let us do all the work while you relax, recover, and bond with your new baby!

Our service area includes New Orleans, Baton Rouge, the North Shore, and surrounding areas. We have a variety of different package options; click below to request a welcome packet with full pricing information!