1. Breakfast pizza in bed
  2. Lunch pizza. Also in bed.
  3. Stare at the ceiling and cry
  4. Look deep inside yourself for the determination to get out of bed and dressed
  5. Cry again because none of your “maternity” clothes fit your gloriously large belly
  6. Decide that now would be a great time to rearrange all of the books on your bookshelves by color. Everyone needs a little rainbow in their lives.
  7. Get out of breath just looking at the bookshelves 
  8. Have a popsicle instead
  9. Gilmore girls marathon. Gotta get ready for the revival episodes!
  10. Text your doula, who will tell you exactly what you need to hear to make it through these last few days before your baby is born!

Have you hired your doula yet? It’s never too early or late!